Best Sleep Accessories: Sleep Mask

10 best sleep accessories to master the zzzs

When you’re far away from your own bed, it can be difficult to get a good night’s rest. Try one of these 10 best sleep accessories to help you relax, get comfy, or block out the sound of the passenger sawing logs in the seat beside you.

Best Sleep Accessories: Sleep Mask
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1. Sleep mask

Sleep like a rock star with a sleep mask that fits your personal style. From scented to stylish, the sleep masks of 2016 are available embroidered with monograms, screen-printed with childhood heroes, and tinged with aromatherapy. When you lay down to sleep, just be yourself.

2. Inflatable travel pillow

Far more comfortable than those horseshoe-shaped monstrosities that practically count as an extra carry-on, inflatable travel pillows provide ergonomic support and, being inflatable, takes up far less space. For added comfort, purchase an additional cover with memory foam.

3. Silk pillowcase

A silk pillowcase may sound more like a luxury than a sleep necessity, but those who swear by it don’t turn back. The smooth texture relaxes, reduces the effects of aging, and even helps to minimize “bedhead.” You might never sleep on a cotton pillowcase again.

Best Sleep Accessories: Ear Plugs
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4. Ear plugs with volume variation

Not all earplugs are created equal. Today, you can find products that are sold with two different pairs — one for high volume, one for low — ensuring that snorers, garbage trucks, and the party room down the hotel hall don’t keep you from your requisite beauty sleep.

5. Portable sound machine

Sound-sensitive sleepers can find relief in a portable sound machine or the IHG Sound Player, which works by drowning out or minimizing ambient noise. Find one that boasts a timer that turns off once you’re asleep, along with multiple restful audio options such as all-time favorites like thunder, ocean, and white noise.

6. Lavender-scented pillow mist

The sleep benefits of lavender are widely known, which is why many sleep product lines feature lavender-scented products. Finding the perfect lavender pillow mist can double as a room fragrance, or even a quick all-over body spray, should you need to double down on the relaxation factor. Added scents such as chamomile, vanilla, and valerian soothe as well.

7. Travel blanket

The secret to a great travel blanket is finding one lightweight but warm enough to keep you snug for your flight. Some innovative blankets convert into pillows when stored in their cases, saving you from ever having to ball up your blanket in a fit of tired, I-just-need-sleep rage.

Best Sleep Accessories: Tea
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8. Bedtime tea

There are many bedtime teas on the market today, you just have to find the one that works for you. Chamomile might be the most popular ingredient for pre-snooze tea, but seeking ingredients like valerian and passionflower can also help get you off to Slumberland faster. Toss a few teabags in your carry-on and you’ll be set for a siesta wherever your travels take you.

9. Travel humidifier

Delicate sinuses often fare better in a more humid environment. Travel humidifiers offer compact design to allow you to breathe better air wherever you are.

10. Travel alarm clock

Even those who live by their smartphone could find a travel alarm clock handy, as regular alarm clocks offer reliability that phones simply cannot. Alarm clocks are often much louder than cell phone alarms, able to wake even super-heavy sleepers.

Written by Jenna Rose Robbins

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