Drinking Water Before Bed: The Benefits

5 ways water makes morning less painful

Today was another ten-hour day, wasn’t it? With a full calendar and a to-do list running two pages long, even finding time to stop for a bathroom break seemed impossible. In fact, you can’t remember actually taking a breather at any point after the brief lunch break you had to give your team.

You find your laptop bag with an unopened water bottle in it. Other than a large coffee at the beginning of the day, you’re not sure you drank anything else. Fortunately, you can still remedy any dehydration by drinking water before bed.

Drinking Water Before Bed: Morning Aches
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You may be tempted to skip it, but before you do, consider the fact that your body in a dehydrated state is anything but efficient and productive. According to a University of Connecticut study, even being mildly dehydrated negatively impacts cognitive function. You can replenish to some degree with your morning tea or coffee and water-rich foods like cucumbers, melons and lettuce, but plain H2O is your best bet. Here’s how chugging a bottle of water tonight will set you up for a better tomorrow.

Got a going problem?

If you’re a bit stopped up (common while travelling or changing up your schedule), you need to do more than get extra fiber. Drinking water before bed is crucial to the transit and elimination aspects of the digestive process. Moving everything through the digestive system takes one to two days, so if you have bowel movements less than three times a week, on average, you may benefit from increasing water intake.

Grow some new muscles

Your body works hard while you sleep. Drinking water before bed is crucial to nutrient transport, shuttling building materials to cells in need of overnight repair work. If your fitness goals include adding lean muscle or training for an endurance event, hydrating before bed is one of your best recovery strategies.

Offset your margarita

Alcohol is a diuretic which can lead to dehydration and a hangover the next day. If your day included happy hour, make sure to have a bottle of water (or two) before bed to offset the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Try drinking 16 to 20 ounces before you go to sleep to reduce a headache and fuzziness in the morning.

Drinking Water Before Bed: Running
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Enjoy a better morning run

Being just one percent dehydrated significantly impacts your aerobic performance, according to a study published in the Journal of Athletic Training.

Whether you’re training for a half-marathon or just agreed to meet your sister for a quick jog, drinking water before bed helps you wake up and be ready to go. Downing another bottle while you lace up your running shoes in the morning will also help improve your alertness.

Minimize the morning aches and pains

Water is a component of lubrication in the joints. If you’re often extra stiff in the morning or wake up with achy joints, make sure you drink water before bed. Keeping cartilage pliable and hydrated is one of water’s many healing powers.

To give you the best start to your day, also keep a full glass or bottle of water by the bed. Starting your day with large glass of water will perk you up in a way that caffeine can’t. Although no one is saying you can’t have your coffee, you will think more clearly and feel better if you start with a glass or two of water first.

Written by Pamela Hernandez

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