Author: Cheryl Alkon

What is Lucid Dreaming?

How to make your dreams come true

Have you ever been awake while you’re dreaming? Try these tips and learn how to lucid dream.

Better Sleep Leads to a Better Life

Science: Better sleep = A better life

If you get less shut-eye, you may be more forgetful or heavier than you want. And that’s just the start.

White Noise and Better Sleeping

How white noise impacts sleep and productivity

Ahh. White noise: The noise that makes all other noises go away. This audial phenomenon masks background disturbances that can wreak havoc on sleep with a consistent sound that comes across evenly on all hearing frequencies. Whether you hear traffic or sirens from the street outside your window, a hallway door that slams shut near […]

Lose Weight While You Sleep

How to lose weight while you sleep

From temperature settings to protein snacks, these four tips can also help a good night’s sleep.

Snooze Button

Stop hitting the snooze button

Seriously. It’s not worth it. Find out why.

The 5 most common dreams and what they mean

Even your creepiest dreams just might be good for your soul.

Sleep makes you better looking. Science says so.

Forget about fancy beauty remedies. The best way to look and feel better may be hitting the sheets.

Avoid Afternoon Crash

Avoid the afternoon crash! Eat this. Not that.

You don’t have to hide under your desk to get a boost. Instead, take a look at your diet.