Author: Amy Lynch

Do Air Purifiers and Humidifiers Help Sleep?

Does an air purifier or humidifier help you sleep better?

The air we breathe at night can have a profound impact on our overall health. Here’s how to improve it.

How to share a hotel room with a coworker

How to share a hotel room with a coworker #uncomfortable

You may have long shared a cubicle, a break room, and even a handful of office-gossip-fueled lunches with a coworker. But sharing a hotel room? That’s a whole different kind of togetherness. Yet business trip budgets and logistics can make bunking up with a coworker a reality, even if it’s not a totally welcome one. […]

Best Sleep Podcasts

The 5 best sleep podcasts

From calming voices to naturally soothing effects, these podcasts are the modern-day counting sheep.

Seasonal Sleep Disorder: Vitamins

How to overcome seasonal sleep disorder

Here are five ways to beat disorder symptoms like low energy, weight gain and excessive sleep.

Finding the Right Pillow

7 options: Finding the right pillow

Here are pros and cons of seven types of pillows to help you find your match.

Different Sleep Positions: On Back, On Side

What your sleep position says about you

Sleep positions can speak volumes about the person you are when you’re awake.

Best Essential Oils For Sleep: Vetiver

Top 5 essential oils for a better night’s sleep

If you’re trying to sleep (why else are you here?), some scents are better than others.

Best Apps For Sleep: Sleep Cycle

Best sleep apps for catching more zzzs

From figuring out your sleep patterns to guiding you into deep dreams, these apps are your go-to.